Parking Woes

There’s this parking attendant stationed near the National Book Store in Katipunan.

I did the usual drill. I parked, stepped off to buy some materials at NBS and then returned to the car, ready to go home. I tipped him but he only scoffed at me, complaining at how frugal I was. I merely shrugged it off because I thought that maybe, he was used to getting a bigger tip from The Blue school in Katipunan.

However, during the second time, I gave a bigger tip since the traffic made it difficult to drive away from the parking. This time, he threw the coins in the air, without even bothering to pick the coins that he wasn’t able to catch. My friend and I were taken aback by his actions. What I gave him may have been loose change for others but it’s appalling to see his disregard for money.

He would have been able to buy a serving of taho or dirty ice cream with what I gave him. But he chose to waste it anyway.


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