God’s Omniscience and Man’s Free Will

As I was reading about panopticism, I stumbled upon an article about this certain capability to have all knowledge about everything and anything. This capacity, called omnicience, is highly affiliated to religion and is commonly associated with God. It’s not all Greek to me, being raised in a traditional household. However, the aspect that caught my attention was the debate that claimed that man’s free will cannot exist in the same realm as God’s Omniscience.

It sounds logical enough. Free will comes with an uncertainty due to some actions’ repercussions. And if God were to have intellectual control over anything, then a small facet like man’s ability to decide based on his judgment is not compatible to such theory.

What if everything’s merely a game of Sims played by God at a universal scale? What if the thoughts on my mind right now are not my own but of God’s implants? What if I really don’t have control over my own life? And what if things happened the other way around; having free will overwriting God’s Omniscience? Would it debunk the theological theories for that matter?

Or will there ever be a way of knowing the answer to these questions?


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