Poor Man’s Cheese Cake

August 5

Meet the cheesecake that bombed my craving.

Let me set two things straight. One, when I say ‘bombed’, I mean that in the most derogatory manner ever possible. Second, I made the cheesecake myself.

Turns out you can’t use the ‘spread’ variety of cream cheese in cheesecakes. I also didn’t add any sugar to the batter or the crust. And speaking of the crust, we’re out of grahams so I used soda crackers as a substitute. I topped everything off with strawberry marmalade, which, by the way, is also sugar free. I’m calling it “Poor Man’s Cheesecake” since I’m so broke at the moment, that I feel really guitly on spending a hundred bucks on a meager slice of cake.

I lost my appetite for lunch after the first slice. It was that horrible.


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