Wrong Number

When our design prof wants to relay a message, she usually texts some of us so that we could send the message out to the others. I got one of those messages and forwarded the verbatim text to my contacts.

Aldrich received a message but he didn’t know whose number it was from. I also thought that it was me who texted so when he asked me whether or not it came from me, I said yes. He called the number back. When the other line picked up, he called out my name, “Bea!”

To his surprise, someone replied, “I’m not Bea.”

Turns out that it was our prof who sent the message to Aldrich and naturally, it was also our prof whom he called. It was also a crucial aspect that he held himself back from greeting ‘me’ the usual “Master Bitch” or from blatantly ranting about the heaps of submittals for our design class.

I could only imagine the horrified look on our prof’s face had she been mistakenly called “Master Bitch”.


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