Poor Mans Cheese Cake 2

The second trial version of my homemade cheesecake had a better reception than the first one. When I had the other arki kids taste it, the responses ranged from “okay” to “ang sarap, bentahan mo ako.” My favorite, of course, was Donna’s text which read:

Poor Mans Cheesecake 2

I also went to TFA’s cheesecake expert, Ate Precious, to have her evaluate my test dish. She said it was good enough but it lacked the creaminess she was looking for. To solve this, I added a whole pack of all purpose cream instead of just half. And it worked, thankfully.

I’m basically done with the taste aspect of my cheesecake making hobby. What I’m having troubles with is the consistency of the mixture. I usually add gelatin to the batter but I can’t get the ratio or the technique right. I keep on getting lumps even after I thoroughly mix everything up. I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong so I think I may have to consult my friends who are into culinary arts to have this thing remedied.

I feel really thrilled to have found that perfect hobby for me. On the down side though, the hobby I found is a bit expensive and a little time consuming. Not to mention that it doesn’t help me keep out the calories off my body. But what the heck, I love cheesecake!


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