Subtle Change

My favorite couple in the world has split up.

They’re high school sweethearts and I kind of hoped they would make it through college. They’re the mature type of couple with a minimalistic approach in displaying public attention compared to other teeny bopper couples spread in the wild. Nevertheless, you still get the vibe that they’re really into each other.

There even came to a point that seeing them together made me feel happy. It made me believe in love despite reality happening on the other parts of the world at the same time. (Cheesy shit, I know. Kill me now.)

But things went downhill and at an abrupt pace at that. I didn’t even know where it came from. It got me questioning a lot of things. Are men that afraid of stability? It’s as if every time circumstances get too comfortable, they look for indecent ways of spicing up their relationship. Even with the application of distorted logic, I can’t figure out a sound reason for this type of social phenomenon.

I’ve also been reading this book called The Spectacular Now (all for the love of Miles Teller). There’s a part of the narrative wherein Sutter breakdowns a list of all his ex girlfriends and why they became mere exes. And it all boiled down to the same thing, the girls change quite opposite to how they were during the early part of their relationships. It’s like that laughter triggered when a guy cracks a joke. It may be hilarious at first but when cracked over and over again, it becomes more annoying than funny.

So I considered the fact that maybe she’s the one in the wrong? Maybe their relationship caused her to change subtly over time. The little changes accumulated to form a big one and he probably didn’t like that change. Still, even with that explanation, I still can’t see how cheating could rationalize everything.

I know condemning the male species won’t be of any help. And there’s probably a whole lot more to relationships that I don’t know at the moment. But can’t they just mutate into having a specific gene for fidelity?


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