I was reluctant to put down the book I had been reading. It was a cold morning and the idea of going out to eat didn’t seem appealing at all. But it was my cousin’s Christening so I got up and set my sentiments aside.

My cousin, Hanna, went along with us. She’s quite the loquacious one but I appreciate her effort to fill every silence with stories about her duties and other academic escapades when she was still taking up Nursing. They were relatable since back in high school, I had been into science (God, I miss our Biology classes). She also mentioned that certain sicknesses required varying room temperatures and that the location of the egress is crucial, plus a whole lot of trivial things.. It’s actually cool since I may be able to use her stories to give me a better idea on how to arrange the spaces in the hospital once we get to design one in our class.

When we arrived at the reception, we were eager to see how our week – old cousin would look like. He was like a newborn kitten who’s really tiny and vulnerable. His face was only as big as my palm. And I was really afraid to carry him since I might crush his bones if I held him the wrong way. But he was cute, nevertheless.


So to my cousin Calix, I’m sharing with you an excerpt from Sir Chua’s blog.

“Before you begin that brand-spanking-new life, a few reminders:

1. Always have respect and understanding.
2. It’s only broken unless someone notices it.
3. Don’t believe everything you see on tv. Except for a few cartoons and Discovery channel.
4. The grass is always greener over the septic tank.
5. Save. Save. Save.
6. Professional wrestling is fake.
7. There is no such thing as too much cheese.
8. Never, never take up architecture unless you really, really love it.
9. Avoid breaking boys’ hearts, ok? It’s a bit painful.

True, life does not come with an instruction manual. But it doesn’t mean we can’t make up the rules.”


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