Plus and Minus

One mistake blew everything away.

The love letters, phone calls and text message, inside jokes, stolen glances, movie dates, hugs and kisses, mind games, and laughter are now worth nothing because of the one mistake. What is up with human beings, anyway? How come they only remember that one mistake compared to the other memories?

I could go on with the list, you know, just to prove my point but let’s get geeky and talk about this issue mathematically, instead. Say we assign a positive value to all the good things and a negative value to the other. When added altogether, won’t the sum still be a positive number? Or would one rather blow things out of proportion and magnify the negative stuff just as a self defense mechanism or to feign self respect?

Is there a certain criteria for forgiveness? Is there a certain criteria for your forgiveness? I’m sure as hell that he deserves a better treatment even after what he’s done. Even if that’s the case, for me, that sum would still be a positive number.

Can’t you at least recall that one day you held hands with him and imagined how your life with be like together as you grew older? And now that you did, why do you have to filter out all the good stuff just because something went terribly wrong along the way?

But of course, that’s just theoretically speaking. I know this line of thinking won’t work on you. I don’t even see hate now. All I see is indifference.


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