Passes, Delayed Gratification and the Fox

You said passes were invented to prove that there are no dead ends in life, that there will always be a choice and sometimes, that choice is tantamount to having none. This kind of passing up on something is not brought about by indecision, but by the fact that there’s no feasible solution yet to a certain predicament.

I used to deem this as rather passive aggressive. I’d rather grab life by the balls than have mine kicked into smithereens (not that I have one, literally). However, recent events have taught me the virtue of patience and how delayed gratification makes all the waiting worth it. What I cringe at is the degree of uncertainty. Waiting for something does not guarantee that it would belong to you in the long run.

On the lighter side of things, Japhet found the Fox song of Sir Chua. You see, every now and then, the attendance sheet in our Structurals class features random questions and yes or no scenarios. One time, he asked us what did the fox say. I never thought it actually had a reference, a hilarious one at that!

I’m having a hard time imagining Sir Chua enjoying this type of music.


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