In Between

I was checking out my older blog for the last time (before taking it down) when I saw my post about how I dealt with my Physics Long Exam and the Formal Interview in the organization I was applying for back then. Looking back now, man! How stupid can one get?

They were scheduled on the same day. I needed to pick between reviewing for the 3LE or getting my shit together for the FI. Being the greedy and overconfident (read: cocky) person that I was back then, I chose to do both. As a result, I bombed both endeavors.

I was about two or three points short of passing the 3LE. It didn’t help that I wasn’t doing well in the written exercises. I did a little better in the FI, though. I knew most of the answers but still, my delivery wasn’t all that impressive.

Fortunately, this academic delinquency is a thing of the past. I know better than to skip classes because of wanting to spend idle time with my orgmates. I know better than to opt for the easier, less complicated way around my problems. I know better than to ditch the cost benefit analysis in my decision-making process. I know better than to disappoint myself.

I guess that explains why I had been aloof to both organizations for the past semester (even now that it’s already sembreak). I don’t want to push my luck and commit the same mistake again.


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