This will probably be my last post resurrection (lels, fancy term for repost). All the others are way too trivial to keep.

The girl knelt down as she thumbed the bloodied filth off his face. Bewildered by the act of kindness of the stranger, he looked up and feasted his eyes upon the gentle contours of her face. He didn’t even wonder why she had been there. He was too preoccupied with thoughts of how grateful he was to finally feel the warmth of another person’s skin, after losing his comrades hard on battle.

But as he gathered what little strength and courage he had left to ask for her name, she pursed her lips and slowly laid a finger on it, hushing him into silence. Taken aback by such gesture, he closed his eyes and sighed with exhaustion.

Regret filled him as he opened his eyes. The girl, who once graced him with her presence, was now gone.

He breathed in air that was filled with the strong smell of rust. All of a sudden, he felt a stabbing pain in his upper torso. He looked down and saw a palm’s length of laceration on his chest; the girl has stolen his heart.

His body was starting to numb due to profuse bleeding. But he didn’t care less. With his remaining energy, he stabbed the base of his skull and pulled out a soft tissue from the opening.

“She forgot my hypothalamus.”

It’s not even a fan fiction. It’s too gruesome for my current taste. I wonder what psychological warfare was I going through when I wrote this. I don’t even have the slightest hint on what metaphors I used in the story. But I could, at least, remember that I got the title (nincompoop, legit word meaning fool) from Sir Chua’s blog.

This is the problem in cryptic writing. Once the unruly sentiments have dwindled, all that’s left is an indecipherable embodiment of impulsiveness, of spite and bitterness, of rage, or whatever ugly emotion you may want to call it. But it’s a beautiful reminder of how things become better over time, much like how a meek Magicarp evolves into a godly Gyarados after hours of perseverance.

On a lighter note, I’ve removed all external links to my blog to minimize the views. I don’t like my blog’s traffic generation. I’m starting to subconsciously censor my posts to factor in the prejudices of my readers. I know it’s not much but I’d like to retain the ‘thought dump’ status of this blog. I don’t want any inhibitions.


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