The Gray, and the Black and White

I saw this guy at the grocery store. His bacon was dripping wet so he asked the cashier if they had any plastic bags. But there was a standing city ordinance that bans the use of plastics, so the lady who was packing the stuff he bought had no choice but to double the paper bags, much to his dismay.

It reminded me of that coffee shop date with my high school friends. Aly, who was taking up BS Econ, was sharing about this engaging economic conference. She said that as long as there is economic activity, achieving ‘zero waste’ would be impossible. It’s quite an extreme conjecture, given how things are in reality. But just like what Sir Nic said during our design class in sophomore year, “there’s nothing absolute in this world.”

Absolutism is fine in theory where the set-up is ideal and the variables are predictable. But in real life, things are more complicated. It may be deemed as a herculean task to categorize decisions, fact and figures, and whatnots. as black and white when everything falls under that broad spectrum of gray hues.

Humans are innately inconclusive. That ‘yes’ is not a hundred percent approval. That resolution is not an entire reflection of a person’s predilection. And that gesture is not the ultimate indication of someone’s intention. It’s crazy how reality kicks ass. But at the end of the day, we have to make the choice of whether or not our ‘grays’ are more black or more white.


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