Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and Architecture

It’s amazing to see what some of the more eccentric architects are willing to do to design aptly for their users.

While leafing through reference materials for Bibliotheca, I saw this write up about by Kiyo Izumi who was commissioned to design the Yorkton Psychiatric Center. To fully sympathize with the needs of his clients, he took LSD under professional supervision (he even tagged his wife along his experiment, which, I thought, was kind of unnecessary).

The results were intensely personal. His senses were heightened, but he wasn’t able to properly decipher the difference between space and time. It was psychedelic, as expected, with certain bursts or episodes of art history hallucinations. But of course, the greater predicament lied on the smooth translation of the test’s outcome into feasible architectural solutions.

Maybe Isabel and I should try that next time (not the drugs *facepalm*). An unconventional immersion for a design project before graduation would be nice.


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