An Open Letter to My Pet Monkey

I can’t understand why I keep coming back to your blog. It’s as if you took all of my writing pet peeves and mashed them altogether into your three separate blogs which, by the way, have relatively similar content.

Your entries do not show any sign of proofreading. You can’t even spell cried or received right (you’ve done it multiple times; it’s not a typographical error). You used a multitude of stylized fonts in fifty shades of pink. And please tell me why the fuck do you center your paragraphs when you’re not even writing poetry?

But I dig your art skills…

Adventure Time

Speed art in less than 15 minutes. More speed and less art.
(c) Rona Jocson

…how your occasional choice of red hue strains my retina a bit…


I burn! I pine! I perish! How to blind your readers in 5 seconds.

…how you’re a classic archetype of academically gifted people could fail so miserably in matters outside the four walls of the classroom and inside the muscled walls of the heart, and how resilient people could get after losing significant people in their lives.

And I think you’re right.


This is the epitome of love.


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