I finally got my Miles Teller fix for this week! (Thanks to my buddy in piracy, Kyle, for the copy of the video. Downloading it on my own would have taken me a few more days.)

To be honest, though, the movie was nothing special. Had Teller not been in the cast, then I wouldn’t have bothered to finish the whole film. I also heard it was a remake of an old film; it’s a definitely a boring remake at that.

There were parts when I wondered what the movie I was watching was all about. Then I’d see some high school seniors dancing at a restaurant’s parking lot and figure the rest out. For a film about dancing, it sure lacks those adrenaline – filled dance show offs that make you want to get up and shake those lazy bones off.

Generally, the acting was so – so. The main male protagonist wasn’t bad. But he wasn’t that good, either. Same goes to his female counterpart. Sure, they can dance pretty well. It’s just that their acting doesn’t quite catch up. Boy, believe me when I say that MacCormack’s letting loose on the warehouse scene to vent out his frustrations was really painful to watch. Only Teller brings energy to the whole act.

I had plenty of time at my disposal, so it wasn’t a bad idea to watch the film. Squeezing this film in a hectic schedule would have been a different story. It’s really not worth it. But fuck yeah, it’s Miles Teller!

Miles Teller



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