A Penny for your Thoughts and a Dollar for your Insides

There’s this cliche about coin tossing which goes on saying that people really know what they want. They’re just discreetly waiting to be cornered, to be forced to make a decision.

During the Executive Committee elections in TFA, there was a tie between Kuya Louie and Ate Paola for Chairperson. The Electoral Code by our adhoc Commission on Election stipulated that if, after the second round of votes, the tie still has not been broken, things will be settled through a coin toss.

It’s crazy enough to suggest such an unreasonable manner of reaching a conclusion to the predicament. But what’s even more comical is that my orgmates didn’t venture into disapproving the suggestion.

Maybe it’s true. People will procrastinate for as long as it will take to reach a sound resolution. When all has been said and done, they wouldn’t want to be ultimately tagged as undecided because of time constraint. Besides, the coin has no emotional attachment whatsoever with the issue at hand. It’s statement is bound to be admissible in court.

I once bragged about how I utilized a fundamental economic theory in making my decision. But she was unimpressed at my bleak attempt at the intellectualization of my thought process, declaring that there are things in life that I shouldn’t be quantifying. She should know that I was never one to offer irrational counselling even on sensitive issues. Would she have been happier with my decision had I just flipped a coin? I guess I’ll never know.

That’s fucking child’s play. It’s always easier to offer advices once you’re not emotionally entangled in the situation. But maybe, that’s the method that works for me: to completely detach myself from the situation and see things from an outsider’s vantage point.


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