Until now, I’m taken aback by people’s critical reaction with respect to the culture of the third sex.

Around lunch time, we saw this batchmate of ours holding hands with another dude as they walked towards the empty seats near the CAD Lab. I actually found it cute that there was no trace of reluctance in both of their faces as they openly showed their fondness for each other. (Ric has a more ‘mature’ version of the story but its legitimacy is questionable so I won’t include it in this entry.)

I know it may just be circumstantial, but I’m also considering the fact that he may be the one who submitted a confession in The Diliman Files (the one who went under the pseudonym Matthew). In his revelation, he said something about being reluctant to announce his bisexuality in fear of being shunned by women. He was bisexual, after all, so it only meant that he swung both ways.

I’m fortunate enough to have been able to enter an all-girls school. Needless I say that I was exposed culture of homosexuality and bisexuality. It’s really more than standing as a spectator to daily doses of (hot and sexy) lesbian PDA. It’s having the understanding that sometimes, love transcends the societal fetters of gender.

Back then, the only people who persecuted the ‘illegal’ couples in our school were the adults. Once they found out about the relationship (through narratives of other students), they’d try to split them up. But I don’t know, some couples are also at fault for being too flashy when it comes to courtship so it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if the higher-ups heard of it.

They probably just consider these relationships as an awkward stage in growing up. Sure, it’s merely a phase for some. But in college, we actually have a choice (in terms of gender) of who to devote our excess of hormones to so it’s a different story. It’s disheartening to find people my age (and are studying at a university known for being open-minded) who are not that positively receptive to this side of reality.


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