Locker Room Talk with AL

Locker Room Talk with AL


Before our Construction class, AD, AL and I were killing time through the usual small talks. I’m quite notorious for my lewd line of thinking so in my defense (just in case he associated the question to me and while I had the chance), I told him that I wasn’t the one who asked the question.

Believe it or not, it really did not come from me. Nevertheless, I found it sexy that he was daring enough to ‘fess it up. I thought he was only messing around with the anon, but the trail our conversation left afterwards suggested otherwise.

As perverted as I am, I still wasn’t able to steer clear of the awkward feeling when AL narrated how he first discovered the hedonistic world of pornography. But I shrugged it off anyway and asked if there was any porn star he preferred. Turns out, he liked amateur videos better since they were more realistic.

AD naively asked if he accompanied the act of watching porn with another physical activity often associated with the former. I was relieved that he didn’t answer it directly. That would have divulged too much information; more than what I could have probably been able to digest without developing a bias against him.

DM’s sexy dances cannot be compared to this sexual innuendo.


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