That Kuyang Kulot na Taga-Novaliches

“Sirang-sira na ako sa ‘yo no?”
(Lacierda, 2013)

He said this after simultaneously singing and dancing to the tune of The Fox by Ylvis. Frankly, it was more like an epileptic seizure more than a dance number but he seemed to enjoy making a fool out of himself. Who am I to judge him for that?

Rather than boasting off an impenetrable facade, he shows other people his flaws. It’s probably brought about by the self-assurance that despite broadcasting his eccentricity, it wouldn’t be enough to drive people away. He’s well aware that he’s worth more than his quirks put altogether.

And it works for me. I don’t respond to strength.

I hate to admit it but I guess AM was right after all. It’s the similarities that draw people closer to others. When we’re burned out at the end of a stressful day, the least we’ll be needing is some misunderstanding brought about by incompatibility. The frustration is crippling, not to mention that it’s also an immense hassle. We need people whom we could interact with, effortlessly.

Just a little extra, not a lot of people know that my crush for him started on our sophomore year. From the looks of it, I’m going to be hooked on for much longer than I had originally intended to.


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