The AdMU Secret Files

There’s something delicate about the confessions in the ASF. They’re a far cry from the overly liberated (and SPG – rated) entries in TDF. It’s refreshing. But the oddities are equally interesting.

Case in point, what is this Great Wall of China they speak of?

AdMU Secret Files 3I think they even have a rule against dating a block mate or something. What the hell is that for?

AdMU Secret Files 7Why do some people still mistake social awkwardness for introversion?

AdMU Secret Files 5Apparently, even THE great blue school has umbrella thiefs (sorry, this one’s a wee bit superficial).

AdMU Secret Files 2Why do they go nuts (bad pun intended) about their basketball players?

AdMU Secret Files 6Why is their innocence almost tear-jerking?

AdMU Secret Files

Ooops. I guess I spoke too soon.

AdMU Secret Files 4But yeah, even if I don’t get some of their semantics, I’ve switched to their side. OBF! (Just kidding.)


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