For the First Time

There are times when I get so fixated at earning some things that I fail to grasp the whole point of the entire process.

I tend to wrap things up nicely, to put up a pretty wall to conceal the shambles, and to proudly claim that it was difficult to begin with, and that it wasn’t what I really wanted, just to save face. But things got so messy that even if I wanted to, I can’t salvage any rummage-able from the scattered debris.

I’m faced with the fact that not all broken things are meant to be fixed; that I should just let the damaged stuff lying where they are because part of that process is to stand up and walk past everything everyday until things stop getting in my head.

I just need suck it up and admit that it stings a bit because it didn’t work out. It probably never will. But that’s not too bad because I’ve been here before. And like the old times, I will get over it.


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