Caught in a Landslide, No Escape from Reality

I know I said something about going on a hiatus. But I saw this post and boy, am I utterly disturbed.

I don’t get why people glorify this as profound condescending thinking. I honestly see it as a pessimistic excuse for surrendering to the harsh caprices of life.

I don’t have a high regard for people who are big on identifying the problem but are not that keen on finding the solution. All I see is a guy who has lost his trust in the capabilities of society, a guy who has refused to take a leap of faith based on the premise of man’s misfortune to live in a world that has gone haywire.

And yes, I’m with him when he said that the society is so fucked up internally that the crux of the problem has transcended the bounds of what we could feasibly rehabilitate; it’s beyond repair. But that doesn’t mean that we should give up the goddamn fight. Maybe that’s the whole point of this existentialism bull shit: to continue living in a fucked up system, to show man’s resilience, to find order amidst the chaotic world, oh the joys of life.

Reality is nauseating. But I’d rather be a simpleton who romanticizes life in general than a cynic who has capitulated to life’s overwhelming strike, if it means I’d be able to live long enough to contribute to society.


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