Apollonian Order and Dionysian Chaos

After a grueling one and half semester, I figured that having too much free time never did and never will work for me. In fact, I only used it to fuel my procrastination.

I actually miss my orgs. There’s a different feel about being able to contribute something in a discussion, about being heard in an exchange of opinions, and about doing something out of the spirit of volunteerism.

I think I misread myself again. I’m not really the type to hone my craft silently in one corner; I was always up and about, dealing with people, managing real time situations in a more dynamic setup. The only reason I wasn’t as active as compared with my Sophomore Year was because of the academic hindrance I thought it imposed. It turns out that I just saw things in distortion.

This is, perhaps, the best philosophical dichotomy that works for me; restraint in excess, modesty in the midst of attention, and everything with a bit of alcohol.

P.S. This is a premature publish. I’ll edit this once I have more time. :)


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