That Friend Called Mediocrity

She goes by a lot of names. She’s Inferiority Complex to some; others may refer to her as Low Self Esteem or the classic I-Think-I’m-Not-Good-Enough. But I’d rather just call her Mediocrity because that’s what she’ll ever be–adequately average, a little over and a bit under mediocre.

She’s going to be that constant reminder that I will never be good enough for anyone or anything, not even for my own intangible dreams. But when I think of it in an unadulterated vantage point. It’s not as bad as it appears; as lame and as pretentious as it would sound, the extra ordinary would cease to exist without the ordinary.

But I’d like to cut the pleasantries crap and call Mediocrity my enemy.

Another P.S.

I wish I hadn’t judged Kyle when he told me to watch Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. Save for all the unnecessary fanservice, the story is pretty relevant.

I’m a real-life Sorata. I’m a commoner amidst an academically elitist environment. I’m a “jack-ass of all trades” (credits to Ate Jes who coined the fitting term). And you know the bullshit they say about the existence of minor subjects to create well-rounded individuals? I’m well-rounded, alright. I’m a master of none. Oh, have I mentioned that I suck at Math?

Nevertheless, I feel somewhat proud that I made it this far without destroying my psyche with all the vicious whispers of moral degradation (both internal and external).


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