Beta Moments

When Sir Litonjua asked the class what the parallelogram of forces was all about, the eerie silence that came after wasn’t all that surprising. It’s pretty basic stuff, I know. But it’s stunning to see the full extent of what six semesters worth of sleep – depraved nights could possibly do to fog the memory.

Anyway, JA’s unprecedented (and largely sarcastic) laughter went ahead and shattered the sheer awkwardness of the moment. It was the type of laugh you could literally spell out because of the emphasized pronunciation. Sure, it’s a mockery of sorts, but it was utterly hilarious.

Instances like this one make me grateful for his dominating presence, even if, most of the time, I’d rather curse at him for his balls of steel. On top of that, it’s actually good to see that he’s better now, regardless of what has happened.

I still remember that turning point; that plumbing seatwork where we had to draft the Clean Water Layout of a residential building. Having little background on what we were supposed to do, the activity was stressful in itself. But with all his sighing, groaning and banging of stuff, it was apparent that he was upset about something else.

We tried asking him what was wrong but to no avail. (Later on, we found out that it was because of someone—a girl, err. !@#!DASDF@$%^@#$) Still, I considered such reckless display of spur – of – the – moment – feelings as the most obnoxious. It was unintentionally reeking off pessimism which was certainly uncalled for in demanding academic moments. Nevertheless, I can’t discount the fact that they’re also the most genuine since they haven’t been altered by any form of pragmatic reasoning.

He goes on with his life expressing his emotions in total vacuum. It even makes me think that he disregards what other people may see since the only projection of himself that matters is his own. It’s a douchey principle, but it saves him from second guessing everything. Maybe, I should learn a bit from him—to be more casual in my self – expression, to approach concerns in a little less gungho manner and to, ultimately, bring a similar euphoria to the people that make me happy.


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