4 Reasons Why Sir Chua is the Perfect Thesis Adviser

Disclaimer: This is a Sir Chua Appreciation Post in disguise. If you’re rolling your eyes from the title and the warning alone, I dearly suggest that you stop reading because it’s only bound to get worse. You have been warned, so read at your own discretion.

I went solo on our Tropical Design plate because I wanted to expand my portfolio, something I wouldn’t have been able to do, had I opted to share the plate with someone. It meant having to do all the design concepts, site analysis, orthographic drawings and perspectives all on my own and on top of the regular load of other major subjects. It’s no joke, I’m telling you. Nevertheless, going solo has some “unwritten” perks; you know, like some fine print in a contract you don’t really get to read but are still bound to be awesome anyway.

Sharing 10 minutes with Sir Chua got me thinking of my academic future. (Wait, was it even 10 minutes? I’m not really sure. But I’m certain that it is the best fucking 10 minutes of my life, bar none.) Let me now break down to you the result of my satori: 4 Reasons Why Sir Chua is the Perfect Thesis Adviser.

1. Tunnel Vision

Sure, there were other people around the faculty room but my eyes have this special filtering mechanism that automatically shut other people out, so it didn’t really matter. And yes, I’m taking the “tunnel vision” concept out of context. But it’s one of the rare proofs that I could actually focus on something without having my attention unserviceably diverted to other matters. That’s a good sign, right?

2. No Consultation Drama

Aside from Ma’am Araneta, I hardly ever found a professor who could point out design blunders without destroying the spirit of the designer in any way or imposing their own design style and methodology. This one is not a personal bias. I’m pretty sure that if you ask Anna, Carla and Riva, they’d say something similar about Sir Chua’s natural ability to guide you to the right direction.

He’s like the beacon to my lost ship, like the traffic light to the traffic, like the peanut to my butter, err, or something like that.

3. Dat Smile

Dat Smile

To us mortals, this is what you call a glimpse of heaven. It’s sweet and gentle and cute and just plain adorable. Ugh. To him, I’d like to say, “God must have spent a little more time on you.”

4. The Chua Effect

After the Thesis Deliberation season last year, Dindo pointed out that the top theses in BS Arch and B Larch usually included a couple somewhere in the ranks. Even without proper (and sane) logic, that conjecture actually makes sense. What better motivation do you need when you have the love of your life as your inspiration in finishing your thesis with flying colors? *wink wink, Kuya Alver, ahem ahem, Ate Nancy*

I’m not saying that Sir Chua is the love of my life because that would be a dumb exaggeration. But I figure that it ought to have the same effect on me since I basically spent the whole weekend working on a detailed sketchup model when we were only required floor plans for the first batch of consultations.

Well, that’s that. I just needed to get the fandom out of my system so I could concentrate on our Construction plate. After all, the body could only tolerate the rush of hormones for so long.

P.S. Maybe I should try the “Love is an Open Door” sequence on Sir Chua. Hmmm…


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