Until Then

I was asking Carlo what he did with the stairs in the Penthouse plate but he walked away at mid – sentence. Luigi was all like “awww” while rubbing my back as I theatrically reached out to him while mouthing “come baaack.”

And he did. It turns out that he walked away to get his plate back and show me that he has separated the stairs from the penthouse unit.

That is what’s happening right now, in a much more poignant manner. That plate is my happiness. And even though it may be taking its unprecedented leave right now, I know it will come back as soon as I am ready to ground my delight upon myself and not on other people.

I won’t be bitter. I won’t try to deal the same damage they’ve inflicted upon me. I won’t let it get the best of me. I won’t even bother keeping up charades because I’m dead set on handling this pain my way.

I’ll be fine. And when I’m back, I’ll be revving at full throttle, ready to kick ass again.


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