On Creepiness

During our Art Studies class a while ago, we had to watch a video discussing the tendency of humans to exaggerate certain features in the depiction of man in art. It lasted for about an hour and jumped from prehistoric sculptures to Egyptian and Greek art and back to the prehistoric roots to emphasize on mankind’s distaste for reality. Even the Greeks with their seemingly life-like sculptures have a certain element of distortion because the details themselves were far too realistic and ideal.

As I was talking this over with Luigi, he introduced this catchy hypothesis called “Uncanny Valley” which was equally interesting. It’s also about man’s dismay and repulsion in human – looking objects to the point where they are already deemed as creepy, rather than be lauded for the effort in realism and advancement in technology.

But the highlight of the conversation was when I told him I found him creepy and he retaliated with:

Sambahin si Luigi

Made my night. =))


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