Plans, Not Just Floor Plans

I have plans of moving out after my ALE. Unfortunately, I live in a very traditional and conservative household and discussing this topic any further with my parents would probably only elicit negative remarks.

I don’t normally give a fuck as to what people would think of me and of my decisions. But they are my parents. Needless I say that I do give a damn about what they would think about my major moves in life. I wouldn’t want them to see my moving out as an act of rebellion or of lack in debt of gratitude and whatnot. I want them to trust me and their impeccable parenting abilities, and believe that when that time comes, I’m already mature and independent enough to live well (and not just survive) using my own means.

I do recognize, though, that it’s all a working process. They need to see empirical proof that I am capable and worthy of such a maneuver before I even bring up the topic. Well, challenge accepted!


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