Expectations Meet Reality, Reality Meet Expectations

We take things and people for granted because of this perverse mentality that makes us think that they’d always be around. Along the worst case scenario comes the ill-fated fork road that leads to either the bargaining for a second chance or the feigning of an insurmountable sense of self, neither of which are signs of actual emotional strength.

In hindsight though, these defense mechanisms are silly. We often resort to self – indulgence to salvage our damaged ego, when in reality, we’re eternally flawed.

I, personally, do not patronize counterfactuals because considering hypothetical scenarios is a futile act in itself that causes nothing but emotional turmoil. When we engage in mental debacles concerning our “what if’s” and “maybe’s,” we subconsciously create a world other than our own. However, those two worlds—one of fiction, the other of actuality—do not always intersect, leaving us with an even more upsetting decision to either blame ourselves for expecting too much or hold reality liable for falling short of our expectations.

I had this naive notion that if I believed hard enough, my imagination will bring forth fruition and make my fantasies overlap with reality. I still want to believe in such ideology but it’s hard to trust the part in ourselves that relentlessly casts doubts over the vast majority of our endeavors.


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