Morning Musings on Resilience

Life has a funny way of making a fool out of us all. The choices we deemed appropriate now may take that inescapable sharp turn to the other side and consequently flip our psyches around later on. Other decisions which seem gut – wrenching at first may eventually become the most explosive cinematic reveal ever. So no matter how much (or how little) control we claim to have over our judgements, there’s no way we could instantaneously distinguish their righteousness or truth value.

You see, we have this unwritten power of turning worst resolutions into the best plot twists in existence. Unfortunately, other people don’t realize this because their hormones are making it harder for them to think straight, or maybe life is on this dragged out PMS that causes it to behave like an even nastier bitch than before.

My point is that we coax ourselves into perpetually believing this childish notion that times stops at every road bump we encounter. But it doesn’t.

So you flunked a subject. Look back and take mental notes on the points you got wrong. We’re you too busy ogling your professor? Or do you, perhaps, need to lay low on your use of deceiving social networking sites? So the love of your life broke up with you. Cry but don’t drown in your own tears. Better yourself for the right reasons; not out of spite or revenge but out of your personal resolve to grow into your ideal self.

After exerting this perceivable effort to make amends only do we have the right to romanticize and say with moist eyes that bad things had to happen. Only then will we realize that the events weren’t random at all because we chose to not be mere passive audiences in our own lives. Only then will we appreciate the multi – faceted aspect of our daily encounters; that events other than those affiliated with love and romance could also make us feel larger than life.


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