Phone-In Question

We were having this Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Seminar when the Arjay Mercado mentioned that for HIV to be transferred through saliva, we would have to drink (for the lack of a better term) buckets of it before acquiring the said virus.

To wit, the speaker added, “matindi-tinding MOMOL ang kailangan nun.”

As expected, the crowd roared in laughter. However, my seatmate stayed silent, a bit dumbfounded by the situation. When the boisterous hysterics has subsided, she sheepishly asked me in her usual conyo accent, “what’s MOMOL?”

The question is fucking golden. When you’re so used to having people around you (including yours truly) add malicious shit to almost anything and everything, stolen moments such as this one is like a breath of fresh air. To be honest, it’s actually pretty sweet that she still has this tinge of innocence, considering that she already has a boyfriend at her tender age of seventeen.

Nevertheless, she reminds me of the 15th Rule of the Internet by the Urban Dictionary: the more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.


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